What type of law does Gorman Nason specialize in?

Gorman Nason is a full service law firm that services clients in all areas of law. Our experienced and dynamic team of legal professionals specialize in a wide range of legal services that services a broad and diverse range of clients. Our firm includes some of the province’s pre-eminent litigation and transactional lawyers.

How will Gorman Nason communicate with me?

Effective communication is the bedrock of a strong solicitor client relationship. At Gorman Nason, we acknowledge we are ultimately in the service industry and make timely, and immediate, communication with each client a priority. Our primary communication with you will be via email but naturally we can adjust based on the preferences of any given client. It is our goal to respond to all emails, during workdays, within three hours and all phone calls within one business day. Many of our lawyers are accessible, and highly responsive, on nights and weekends as well.

How much will it cost to retain Gorman Nason as my legal counsel?

Our statements of account are broken into three categories, legal fees, disbursements and HST on fees and disbursements. Legal fees are typically charged on an hourly rate with such rates depending on the type of work being completed and the experience of the lawyer who is working on your file. Depending on the nature of the file, we may provide flat fee services, especially in the context of transactional work. In special circumstances, predominantly in the areas of personal injury, we can take on files on a contingency basis. Disbursements include any amounts that we have to pay upon your behalf, such as f government filing fees and also includes office expenses such as postage, courier fees or printing. Depending on the nature of your file, we may request a retainer to be paid as a condition of us representing you. Your assigned lawyer will provide you more information once we have assessed your file.

What type of clients does Gorman Nason service?

We service individuals, private corporations, banks, not-for profits, trusts, municipalities, provincial government departments, federal government departments, Crown Corporations and publically traded companies.

Is my file too small or too big for Gorman Nason?

In short, no. Gorman Nason is one of New Brunswick’s largest independent law firms. Our skill sets and ties to our community gives us the flexibility to provide impeccable, and personalized, service to individuals whether it is buying a house or preparing an estate plan and the resources to service large scale projects for publically traded companies or multi-national corporations as lead counsel, or in conjunction with, other law firms across Canada and the United States.